The order of friars minor

Our Lady Queen of Peace Province in South Africa

A South African and Namibian friar sharing an experiences in the midst of a deep discussion in front of a lovely fire. What a great way to express yourself.

Some of our History

The Franciscans came to South African in the late 30ís after the invite to look after the Third Order in Natal. Initially three different Provinces sent friars to South Africa, namely England, Ireland and Germany.

The Friars from these countries committed themselves altogether to the work of the people in South Africa and through their diversity even united through the second world war from afar as Dundee, Diocese, Kokstad Diocese, Eshowe Diocese (Zululand) and the Gauteng area (Vaal Triangle, Pretoria and Boksburg Areas). They came together in the middle of apartheid and formed a united Province, just not made up of English, German or Irish Friars, but one that included the different race groups found in South Africa.

Today the Province is serving the Church in South Africa and Namibia, just not as priests but also as Franciscans. Our Mission has always been to be a home Province for all in the Province, now we doing it outside the province as well.

Our Br Stan enjoying the company of some visitors to St Francis† Care Centre

The Franciscan Community of Franciscan Friars in Namibia